Darci the Drummer is a picture book for children ages 4 to 9, bringing to life the story of a 2nd grade girl who is a passionate drummer at heart, bashing away to the beat with natural rhythm on anything she can find when she hears a good song.

Darci dreams of the day when she can play on a real drum set with skill. However, her little brother hates the raucous noises she makes, and she has no idea how she can even become a “real” drummer. Despite the hurtful criticism from her brother, and the ensuing self-doubt, her parents help show her the way via surprise drum lessons and the encouragement to keep working at something she loves.

The story invokes the passion of music and of learning how to play an instrument; it introduces children to various musical terms and the names of some interesting famous drummers that span different musical genres; and it highlights the importance of musical education and the determination needed to improve oneself through practice.

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