More Updates on Darci the Drummer!


Darci the Drummer updates!!

1) Last of the book pages have been illustrated! Now we're working on cover revisions and the designs for the inside cover page and back cover. Still shooting for a December 2017 release date 😁😁😁

2) There will be a flyer for the book on Gabrielle Steiger 's table at the upcoming Bakersfield Comic Con this coming Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 18-19) at the Kern County Fairgrounds! Pick one up and check out Gabbi's other amazing art!

3) I've changed my Instagram profile name to @jwbcreates, and linked to my Facebook author page (Jeremy Bridgman), so make sure to update your links and tags and such!

4) I've also acquired the domain name and will use that as a landing page that points to my other music / voice recording / book pages:

5) Gabbi continues to blow me away with her illustrations for my book, and I'm so glad she stuck with me for the whole process thus far. She's amazing... Go check out her stuff!